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History of The Why Band


The Why Band first came together in the Autumn of 1988. The three founder members were Steve (rhythm guitar), Derek (lead guitar) and Tony (drums) who met as parents serving on the PTA of a local infants school in Fleet, Hampshire. 'Why?' was formed.

A fourth member - Les (vocals) - was quickly added and when the band advertised for a bass player John was added to make the band complete.

The band put together some Beatles numbers and played its first gig at Heatherside Infants School in Fleet in Autumn 1988.


This was quickly followed by the band being asked to play for a 'Children in Need' evening at Court Moor School in Fleet in November 1988.

Les left, Sue (vocals) came, Sue went and Tony became the lead singer from behind the drums.


The now four-piece band stayed together that way for just over a year until Steve moved away from the area.


Mark became the replacement rhythm guitarist for two years but moved abroad due to work commitments and Steve promptly rejoined the band.


This line-up stayed together for a decade until John moved to Devon​.



John was replaced by ... John.


Tony became the frontman of the band, with Colin taking over on drums. The five-piece 'Why?' was born.



Ronnie took over on the drums and brought with him Mac - our soundman and advisor



Sadly, in January 2014, Ronnie decided to hang up his sticks and was replaced by Den.



In July 2015 we lost an 'original', as Derek left the band after 27 years of loyal service. He was replaced by Ian as the new lead guitarist.



In February 2017 Ian was replaced by Bruce. Kerry joined the band during the same year singing backing vocals, so currently we are a 6-piece band.


A tough year for the band. Bruce fell ill in March, was diagnosed with lung cancer and very sadly died in September. Julian took over on lead guitar.


Julian left in the Spring and his place has been taken as lead guitarist by Ben

2020 - Covid! A strange year of few gigs or rehearsals. Den and Kerry left the band in October.

2021 - By the start of the year the band had gained Steve K on drums and Jackie on backing vocals, bringing the band back up to strength.


The Why Band hopes to play on for many more years. We aim to stay:

'Forty years behind our time'!

© 2013 by The Why Band

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